Caption saying Ramadan Kareem that I have created

Caption saying Ramadan Kareem that I have created (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Happy Ramadan Blessings to You…!

In Ramadan we again promise to fulfil our basics duties… and let us to continue these characteristics after Ramadan too…

– Watch Decently

– Listen Openly

– Think Positively

– Talk Politely

– Dress Neatly

– Treat Kindly

– Pray Attentively

– Donate Generously

– Respect Everyone

– Forgive & Forget

– Give Rights to all mankind

May ALLAH bless & protect You, Your family & Your Parents. Amen

Sana ulhaq

Goodness must be share without any hesitation… (message from our Muslim brother)


2 responses to “Goodness-must-be-share-without-any-Hesitations

  1. Joey, you make me speechless, you even did more good then i write it, that’s how chain of good works, by joining hands no matter which part of world or even know each other or not.
    It’s like magnet where ever it see other metal it connects automatically,

    Joey you have courageous heart who fights evil within and outside, may Allah bless you and give you more strength to promote peace and goodness.

    *Remember it’s wiser to tell others what is right, then wrong, if you tell what is right other’s will know what is wrong… :-), if you tell what is wrong they might get offended, then ignore what is right..

    Joey i would like you to see this video in about interfaith dialogue on different religions.

    Take care and keep in touch with anytime any day…

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