Never too late to DREAM


Rosa has been looking forward to start school again and enter Grade 2. Rosa is not your typical elementary student. At 13, it was her first time to step inside a classroom as a Grade 1 student last school year while girls her have already moved to high school. Rosa’s life in school may just be starting, but her hard-earned triumph is no easy feat for her family.
Living in poverty, everyday Rosa’s in school is a reason to celebrate. Unfazed by her past setbacks Rosa shows up to school every day without fail.

“Hindi po ako nahihiya kahit matanda na ako, kasi gusto ng makaahon sa kahirapan”. Rosa may still be years away from her own graduation, but she knows she’s on her way to reaching her dreams of becoming a teacher someday.

Distress by her mother’s untimely death, Rosa her sister and three brothers were solely raised by her father whose work as a seasonal coconut farm worker only provides for their barest needs.
Unable to ger adequate support, Rosa and her siblings studies weer sidetracked when they’re forced to quit schooling early on. She stayed at home to take care of her younger sister while her brothers helped their father.

Just when all hope seems lost, help came through the efforts of World Vision’s Child Sponsorship program together with the locality’s out of school youth program in Leyte. Rosa’s family received the needed assistance and with the development initiatives for the whole community. Rosa and her siblings were able to go back to school and study again.

Children like Rosa are seed of hope in their community. With your encouragement and extra help these children can thrive to fulfill their dreams and experience better lives.
For more info Please call (02) 372.7777 or Cebu hotline(032) 505-4444
or visit


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